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Solitaire game is known as one of the most challenging and interesting games. It is also known to be the oldest game to be around. It was first played as a solitaire by German philosophers during the 1800s. The main goal of a solitaire game is to eliminate all the cards without revealing the rest of the deck. From the most common versions it is played with a deck consisting of two decks of 50 cards each. Solitaire is a style of card game where a single player can play. It is a classic style which is often referred to as "free cell" solitaire. Freecell solitaire is a style of solitaire game where a player can eliminate all the cards without revealing the other half of the deck. Freecell solitaire can also be played in a one player mode with a wining strategy being the same as the solitaire game. Click this website to get more info. In freecell games all the cards are laid out from the start into a specific layout known as the freecell gameplay area. In solitaire game one needs to apply some simple strategies in order to eliminate all the cards. One of the best strategies is called the "ace strategy" where you need to build an ace out of the cards that you have in the deck and do not share with your opponent. You can use the alternating color strategy where you need to eliminate cards alternately by playing an ace containing an ace and a king or a queen and a jack and a deuce. Most solitaire games are played for only a short period of time. Most games last for about 3 hours or so. If you are just playing with a few friends then you could probably spend several hours playing the solitaire game. You need to be able to manage your time well because you do not want to end up playing the same card for the rest of the game. In addition you must be able to discard cards that are already played so that you do not end up taking more cards than you can handle. The playing cards are essential for any solitaire game. Click to learn more about Solitaire Games. You need to select cards that are the same suit, rank and color and also contain the same numbers. You should also consider the numbers that are printed on the back of the playing cards. These should all match the numbers on the front. There are many websites that have a complete bv solitaire collections. You can choose any of them. However, most of these collections have some common terms in the names. For example, most of the sites have "Sole Booster" in the name. This may be confusing to those who have no personal computer and only know the names of the bVs games that they know. Learn more from